Best Cafes with WiFi for Nomads in Diani Beach (Speedtest results)

For digital nomads, good internet is key to survival. While 4G in Kenya is already amazing in most places we wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of every available option.

After two days and more than 20 hours of research and testing, we found WiFi ranging up to 202 mbps down and 33.6 mbps up and 4G speeds up to 44.2 mbps down and 15.2 mbps up.

While we obviously think that Skippers Coliving in Diani has the best places to work but the list below is the most comprehensive review out there.

(Updated 01/07/22)

Map of everywhere we visited

Click on location points in blue for more info. Get in touch if you would like to add somewhere.


1. Asha Bistro

Photo of laptop  on a white table at a beach hotel

Located right on the beach, it has inspiring views and a calm working environment. They have a laptop-friendly sitting area right by the beach with enough power outlets. Their menu has a great variety of beverages, vegan foods, sea foods, and local delicacies. They have great service which will keep you going back.

It’s the perfect location for a long busy work day.

WIFI: DOWN: 30.1 mbps  UP: 33.6 mbps

4G: DOWN:  7.0 mbps UP: 9.11 mbps



A screenshot of the WIFI speed test
Asha Bistro WiFi result



a photo of a laptop on a table at JAVA HOUSE DIANI BEACH
Located next to the Carrefour supermarket. If you are looking for a community of digital nomads grabbing their morning coffee. Java opens up at 7 am. If you intend to stay, grab a seat inside. They have plenty of plugs and super-fast WIFI and 4G. If you’re a gourmet coffee lover, you’ll appreciate their roasted in-house, specialty brews. 

WIFI: DOWN: 202mpbs UP: 10.6mpbs

4G: DOWN: 21.0Mbs UP: 9.42Mbs


a screenshot of the WIFI speed at Java in Diani Kenya
JAVA WiFi result



Located right by the beach, it offers front-row views of the clear blue waters of the Indian ocean. Eleven Pearl provides a quiet and peaceful work environment with great WIFI and 4G. They have a different special every day and have different activities planned for an after-work hangout like wine tasting or a night boat ride on a full moon night. Their menu has a wide selection of great meals with plenty of vegan options.

WIFI: DOWN: 26.6mbps UP:  21.9 mbps

4G: DOWN: 29.2mbps UP: 0.15 mbps


a screenshot of wifi speed at  a hotel at diani beach
Eleven Pearl WiFi result



A nomad favorite. They are open from 7 am most days and have a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, or dinner options. They have a beautiful outdoor space you can work from but if you intend to stay all day grab a seat inside and you can plug in your devices. The wifi is good, but power outlets are limited (and non-existent on the patio). Grab a table indoors if you plan to stay and work.

WIFI: DOWN: 3.18mbps UP: 3.49mbps

4G: DOWN: 20.8mbps UP: 9.02mbps


Kokkos WiFi result

5. Diani sport fishing club @ Alliance Safari Beach Hotel

Right by the beachfront inside Safari Alliance beach, the fishing club is a new venture by the Diani sport fishing community. They’re bringing international competitive sports fishing to Diani.

While they occasionally run events here, most of the day it’s the perfect spot to sit and get work done. From the sofas and the bar tables from the 1st-floor vantage point you have an amazing view of the beach and a lovely breeze so even if it’s super hot you’ll still be able to stay productive.

They have a full menu of food and drinks, the 4G is super fast as is the WiFi and there are plenty of places to charge your laptop. 

WIFI: DOWN: 7.74mbps   UP: 8.92mbps

4G: DOWN: 15.9 mbps  UP: 12.6 mbps


Diani Sport Fishing Club WiFi result



Apero can get very busy especially in the evening. But during the day it’s not a bad option if you need to stop for an hour or two. They are located next to Chandarana supermarket, a grocery store, an atm, and souvenir shops. They have an easy-going atmosphere with fresh tasty food and a beer. 

WIFI: DOWN 12.3 mpbs UP 13.3 mbps

4G: DOWN 44.2 mbps UP 15.2 mbps


Apero WiFi result


Pita pan is a cafe that’s pretty popular with nomads. You’ll usually spot at least one person here working away. They have great coffee and snack selection and probably one of the best chocolate milkshakes in town. They have power outlets on the patio which is a nice place to hangout.

WIFI: DOWN: 3.52 mbps UP: 3.42 mbps

4G: DOWN:  34.9 mbps UP:: 26.0 mbps


Pita Pan WiFi result

8. Leonardos


If you like Italian food and great pizza this is the place for you. Generally quieter during the day, their menu has a great variety of pizza choices and cocktails. They have plenty of comfortable airy seating space with a few plugs. They have great WIFI and 4G. Perfect spot for a productive brunch.

WIFI: DOWN: 31.1 mbps  UP: 8.80 mbps

4G: DOWN: 4.67 mbps UP: 3.09 mbps


Leonardos WiFi result




This newly refurbished beach bar is super laid back and has a small terrace upstairs with a few tables you could catch some emails from.

It’s a popular spot in the afternoon with tourists for lunch and has a kite school next door. Great 4G and an interesting spot if you’re looking for somewhere busier to get work done. 


4G: DOWN 28 mbps  UP 2.72 mbps


Amigos 4G result



Located right on the beach, Chill Spot is a lovely spot for a laid-back work afternoon. They have an good 4G network signal but have limited power outlets. Their menus offer a wide range of snacks and drinks.


4G: DOWN: 44.2 mbps UP: 15.2 mbps



Chill spot 4G result


Jazzy Bakery is a cute, quiet, and well-hidden cafe with amazing pastries. They are well known for the Jazz music they play all day. If you intend to spend your morning working from here grab a seat inside where there are plenty of plugs. They also have an outdoor seating area in case you need some fresh air.

WIFI:  DOWN: 9.16 mbps UP: 7.25 mbps

4G: DOWN: 19.2 mbps UP: 6.04 mbps


Jazzy Bakery WiFi result


Bahari Dhow is located right by the white sandy Diani beach and is perfect for winding up your work day. They have breathtaking views that will keep you inspired all through your stay. 

WIFI: DOWN: 14.1 mbps UP: 13.8 mbps

4G: DOWN: 30.6 mbps UP: 19.3 mbps


Bahari Dhow Wi-Fi result


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