Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some common questions we have from nomads who are interested in staying with us.

Is your coliving in Kenya, Diani open?

Yes, we’re open.


Tell me about your WiFi


  • Fibre connections 40mbps (up/down)
  • Fibre connection 10mbps (up/down)
  • Starlink connection 50-300mbps


  • All connections are connected to a router which automatically fails over if one connection goes down;
  • Core switches + routers are on UPS’s – This stops them cutting out from any power fluctuations;
  • All of this is connected to our redundant power set-up;

On site we have WiFi access points around the site and if anyone needs a wired connection we can add that into your room.


Duncan the founder does regular calls on Teams to his clients and this works without issues. 

If you use a work computer you might want to enquire to your IT team about disabling content filtering before travelling away from your home continent as this is known to slow down connections wherever you may be.

What is redundant power?

Kenya’s power infrastructure is under going ongoing maintenance and upgrades and occasionally there are planned or unplanned outages.

Our power set-up

  • A grid connection – Provides power at night after our batteries get to ±50%
  • 15,000 watts of solar panels – Provides our power during the day time
  • 35kWh of lithium batteries – Enough to run the whole site with a/c for 2 hours from 50%
  • A diesel generator – For cloudy days if the grid goes out

So power can’t go out?

What this means is that no matter what happens we have power covered. It doesn’t mean it won’t go off for a short period while a generator is started but the lights will usually stay on.

Does it impact the internet?

These outages do not impact internet infrastructure which is all set-up with its own redundant power. We also have starlink which is independent from local infrastructure.


Do you have pictures of rooms?

Of course they are here.

How many people are usually staying at Skippers?

So far at 4th March 2024 we have been fully booked more or less since we opened. We currently have 6 rooms and there are usually 1-2 couples so 6-8 people are usually here.

We expect this might vary over time but feel free to ask 🙂


Is Kenya a safe place to visit as a tourist?

Kenya is generally a safe place to visit as a tourist. 1,75 million tourists visited Kenya in 2023.

There are areas, mainly around the border with Somalia where travel is advised against but in general there are not any issues with tourists.  In large cities (Nairobi/Mombasa) normal villigence should be practiced, taking taxis in areas where you are uncertain of safety.

Is Diani in Kenya a safe place to visit as a tourist?

Diani is a predominately tourist town and the safety is generally good. You can walk around the main beach area and beach roads on your own, man or woman, during the day with very little risk.

While the coast is also predominantly muslim the town of Diani is mixed and it is not an issue to be wearing beach shorts or bikinis on the beach. In town generally people will wear dresses, sarongs and t-shirts.

At night as with any town we recommend to take tuktuks or bodas (motorbike taxis) to minimise risk of theft. While these are generally rare they do happen especially on quieter back roads.

Normal advise is to not wear expensive watches, not to carry large amounts of cash or show expensive electronics on the street.

Travel to Kenya

Do I need a visa? (All nationalities = YES)

Yes. While Kenya has changed the name of it’s visa scheme to ETA. The steps are very similar to the previous process and it must be obtained in advance.

  • Black and white print outs are OK for border control;
  • You do not require a return flight;
  • Then generally like to see a booking confirmation for accommodation; 

You can get a maximum three month visa which is issued on arrival. This can be extended to 5 months (total) online at no additional cost.

Travel to Skippers

What is the fastest way from Nairobi JKIA to Diani?

The fastest way is to fly with JamboJet (JKIA) or Safarilink (Wilson) both are reasonably priced and have regular services.

If you have time spare in Nairobi a good place to stop is Nairobi Street Kitchen. It is an upmarket outdoor food market which has a security perimeter and good food.

Is it safe to travel from the SGR (Nairobi - Mombasa train) to Diani?

Yes. We have not been aware of any issues involving tourists travelling from the SGR terminal in Mombasa to Diani on an SGR shuttle bus.

Is first class on the SGR worth it?


Is there a safety difference between first and standard class on the SGR?

Generally we would say no.

All passengers have to go through airport style security to get on the train and passengers are not allowed to bring their own alcohol onboard. So there usually are not any issues in standard or first class.

How do I book the SGR train from Nairobi to Mombasa

Just let us know the date and time you would like to travel and we will book on your behalf. Please provide your name as well as passport number for the booking.


How do I book an SGR shuttle bus?

They do not require booking. If you ask for one that will deliver you directly to the coliving then usually it is possible to find one. 
If not you can take the normal Diani SGR and take a pre-booked taxi from the drop-off point. A usually reliable taxi number for Diani is below.

John +254 720 246 449

Is there a bus from Nairobi to Mombasa/Diani?

Yes, there are buses from Nairobi to Mombasa. However, they are not usually frequented by tourists and there are not the upgrade options for long distance coaches/buses as for example are available in some countries in South America.


Do you organise safari trips?

We always reccomend our guests to talk to Dream Kenya Safari’s who organise trips. If you have a trip in mind you can ask other guests on the WhatsApp group which we add you to before you arrive.

It is usually not a problem to book a week or two before your target date. However, be aware that Masi Mara accommodation is often booked far in advance.

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