First community – Diani

The concept

We want to create a hub for the tech community in East Africa on the coast of Kenya.

A place for people from around Kenya, EAC and the world to meet and exchange ideas and adventure.

Somewhere for geeks, nomads and travellers to feel at home as they travel the world.

Our approach

For our first community, we wanted to keep it real and build something that would give us a blueprint for future locations.

To achieve this we have decided to

{Build modularly} Everything that will go on the first site will be modular, meaning that we can change it if it doesn’t work;

{Start small} Our first community is on a plot that is just over 1 acre (±4000sqm) this is big enough for it to be commercially viable but no so big it is unmanageable;

{Get feedback} We want feedback from you the people who are interested in coming to visit;

TLDR – What’s ready now?


2x City Bikes, 2x Mountain bikes.


2x Motorbikes, One more arriving Dec.


Watersports center/beach cowork open. Kites, boards, 2 kayaks, 1 SUP, snorkles.


Not yet. Sorry. Might not be for a while either. Ask in WhatsApp for info.


Slackline + Bouldering wall
Slackline by Christmas. Bouldering wall, not sure TBC.


2x Basic + 2x Standard – A/c, Comfy mattresses, Amazing showers. More rooms in 6 weeks.


Ready open. A/c, Fiber 40mbps up/down, backup 4G.


Workout matts available. Some free weights + bench. More planned Dec.


Pizzeria open + Chef will cook for residents if wanted. Shared kitchen from Jan.


New washing machine all plumbed in.


We know that people travel on different budgets and also might want different spaces depending on how long they’re planning to stay somewhere.

Currently, we have plans for two types of room Basic and Standard. These will be up to dual occupancy standalone air-conditioned rooms/studios.

The basic

Designed for shorter stays and more budget-conscious travellers our Basic is a compact hotel-style room.

  • Approx 20sqm (215sqft)
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Small double bed/Bunk
  • Desk and chair
  • Small veranda
  • Air conditioning

The standard

Aimed at longer stays or couples looking for a little more space our standard room is an aparthotel studio style room.

  • Approx 50sqm (530sqft)
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • King-sized bed
  • Additional storage
  • Desk and chair
  • Lounge area
  • Large veranda
  • Air conditioning

We have built the first basic rooms, see the update here.

Coworking, Pool, Chill, Laundry…

{Office} The right environment to get work done and stay creative is essential. We’ve just completed our first office which is 50m2 inside and outside. 

{Laundry} Our new washing machine is all set up!

{Shared kitchen} Our next project in November/December is going to be setting up a shared kitchen with a fridge, cooker etc so that people can cook for themselves.

Restaurant & Workout/Gym

{Restaurant} Our on-site pizzeria is open! Music is really important to us so we’re planning on having a space where alternative music artists can come and play sets on weekends.

{Workout & Gym} It’s not a home unless you’ve got somewhere you can work out in the morning. The rooms have workout mats on the balconies and we’re working on getting everything we need for a gym area just as soon as the next two rooms are finished which should be around October.

In the meantime we have our AquaHub watersports center where you can workout in peace, kayak and get some work done.


We have built the first office/coworking, see the update here.

AquaHub – Kitesurfing & Watersports

As well as our main location we have beachfront watersports and coworking.

Being right on the beach Diani is one of the world’s top kite spots. We’re planning to have a selection of boards and kites available for rent to residents on a long-term basis, one month is $350, and three months is $250/month.

Bikes & Motorbikes

We love to get out and explore and one of the easiest ways to do that on the coast is by bike.

  • Mountain bikes – 2x Mountain bikes one normal sized, one a bit smaller
  • City bikes – 2x Dutch style city bikes
  • Tekken 250 – Supermoto motorbike with 50:50 tyres
  • Raleigh 250 – Off-road motorbike (Out of service until Dec)
  • Voge 300 Rally – Off-road motorbike (Arriving Oct/Nov ’23)

The pedal bikes are available to residents on a first come first serve basis with a deposit. The motorbikes are available to rent or for tours.

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