Our First Standard Rooms in Kenya

Our standard rooms are aimed at people who like a little more space or might be looking to stay a little longer.

We’re really happy with how our standard rooms have turned out. They’re a really great size and offer a brilliant standard of stay for the lucky people who manage to book them.

Differences from Designs

The main difference from the designs are the furnishings. We have gone for a more shabby chic functional look. I do think that we could enhance the rooms with some framed photos.

On the outside as with the other rooms we have opted for a concrete and straw mix for cladding which has proven to be excellent at reducing noise as well as keeping the internal temperature reasonable.

The terraces are are reasonably large at around 28m2 and bathrooms is wonderous. The shower pressure is extremely satisfying and there’s storage space for plenty of toiletries and of course a laundry basket.

If you’re interested in booking one of our standards please let us know as they are the first ones to get booked up. You can reach us by joining our community here.

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