Our Coliving Values, Positive Impact and our views on Sex Tourism

We have been having a lot of conversations within our team over the past few weeks around values, safety and the culture that we want to develop within Skippers.

This is important because what we believe as an organisation and how we see the future of Skippers evolving both in Kenya and other countries will impact the vibe, culture and how we work and communicate with each other and our guests.

But beyond that we have to ask ourselves what we want to stand for in our communities. This impacts the types of people we can retain within our team as well as the types of guests who we attract, or don’t..

This is our community as well as yours and we are keen for it to be positive in impact and a positive experience.


While these might evolve over time we have outlined three key values integrity, connection & community and sustainability. Below we have outlined what these mean for us.


Having integrity means that you are honest, ethical, and follow defined moral principles. Integrity in a community and within a team is about even more than honesty and respect.

For us this means:

  • {Transparency} Ensuring that we represent as accurate a picture of Skippers as possible and being transparent on our organisation;
  • {Open company} Trying to share as much as we can without impacting our operations – We’re a big believer in open companies Buffer et.Al;


  • {Good opportunities} Providing good employment opportunities with living wages and support for our team;
  • {Equality} Treating all community members with respect and fairness, regardless of their background, race, gender, or any other characteristic;


  • {Security} Prioritize residents’ physical and digital security, including data protection and emergency procedures;
  • {Inclusiveness} Foster an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives;


  • {Resolution} Taking responsibility for any damages or issues caused by us or our guests actions and work towards resolution;

Connection & Community

We are all people and how we behave with each other has a significant impact on each other’s lives. It is easy to underestimate the impact of one persons actions on the atmosphere, comfort or even success of other members and community.

CC: Golden Time

We believe in:

  • {Local community} Encouraging guests to engage positively within the local community and respect its customs;
  • {Mental health} Prioritising the physical and mental well-being of our team and community members, offering resources for self-care;


  • {Spaces} Maintaining shared spaces in a way that encourages interaction and connection;
  • {Learning} Facilitating opportunities for residents to learn from and engage with the local culture;


  • {Inclusiveness} Celebrating the unique talents, backgrounds, and experiences of all residents;


Nomad travel is not always the most sustainable. Wherever possible we want to reduce our footprint.

We focus on :

  • {Responsibility} Embrace and promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible behaviors;
  • {Renewables} Use renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, when feasible;


  • {Local} Support local businesses and products to reduce the carbon footprint of the community;
  • {Materials} Use eco-friendly building designs and construction materials;


  • {Resources} Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Promote the three Rs as a guiding principle for resource management;
  • {Accountability} Establish regular sustainability assessments and hold the community accountable for its environmental impact;

Positive impact

It’s no secret that DN’s get a rough time from anti-nomad protests in Portugal to graffiti in Mexico. DNs are not always welcome in communities.

We believe that it is possible to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

We are planning

  • {Careers talks} We are working to integrate with schools so that we are able to give careers talks to help local teenagers broaden their horizons and understand new digital work options that they might not have previously considered;
  • {Coaching & Training} We are hoping to develop digital talent within Skippers through programs supported by online learning, our team’s expertise, and input from willing DNs;

We have no doubt that as we progress through this journey we will find other opportunities to add value.

Beyond this wherever we are we want to try and help our communities rather than detract. We may not always succeed and we will definitely make mistakes as we go along but this is the goal. 

Sex tourism

Our position is on this unusual within the tourism industry. We have an opinion that we are comfortable voicing where others are not as it impacts their bottom line.

Sex tourism does not align with our values. We are not looking to cater to the needs of all people. 

We want to change the status quo here.

There are many operators in the hospitality industry who turn a blind eye.

What is sex tourism?

Sex tourism refers to the practice of traveling to foreign countries, often on a different continent, with the intention of engaging in sexual activity or relationships in exchange for money or lifestyle support. (Wikipedia)


sex tourism

Image credit: TourismTeacher.com

The majority of people view sex tourism as related to paid prostitution only. However, this is a narrow view of the wide spectrum of sex tourism which includes everything from payment in the form of meals, trips, or even just the hope of later financial support. 

It is almost impossible to know where individuals sit on the voluntary to exploited spectrum. 

It is also no secret that many nomad destinations are also popular sex tourism destinations. This is not surprising given the lower costs of living and the exotic destinations. Kenya which is our first community country while not the best-known destination, is known globally for sex tourism.

We see the opportunity through Skippers and nomads to improve our local communities not prey on them through their economic advantages. Not exploit them.

What’s next

Working through these points has given the founding team pause for thought. We are going to review how we accept members to our community as well as all of our content to ensure that these are clearly communicated.

It has also helped us identify a few areas of improvement where we can better communicate about how Skippers works and what to expect when you visit us.

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