Which countries of places should I visit before or after Kenya?

If you’re planning a visit to Skippers in Diani and that’s on your map the next question will be where should I go before and after? 

We’re assuming distances you’ll need to fly or take a long bus so internal trips like safaris and what to do in Diani or Kenya etc we’ve skipped. We’ve also kept this super high-level.


A great place to start your trip, but we would say this is not the most interesting place to go in Kenya. There are plenty of nice cafes, shopping centers and food courts but like most metropolitan cities it’s big and grimy. At most good for a couple of days.

The best thing to do in Nairobi from our perspective is:

There is Uber available in Nairobi and it’s generally safe. If you’re travelling anywhere from your hotel always ask the reception where is/is not safe. If you’re travelling any considerable distance consider a taxi, don’t take any valuables with you.


Up north of the coast is the tourist town and islands of Lamu. Good historic visit and generally very popular.

Outside Kenya

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania – Very popular nomad destination. Good historical destination. Flights are available from Mombasa which are about €140 if you book in advance, or taxi to Dar Salaam and fast ferry;
  • Moshi, Tanzani – If you want to go up Kilimanjaro we’d recommend the walk to the first base station. Moshi is the place to start. Take a taxi to Dar or ferry from Zanzibar. Travel from Dar Salaam by bus, train or plane.
  • Kigali, Rwanda – The capital of Rwanda, Kigali is becoming a tech hub in east Africa. The country is beautiful and it’s a good base if you want to get up to see gorillas in southern Uganda;
  • Uganda – A huge country, most people like going gorilla treking. Apparently amazing, still on my bucket list. Most of the treks are in the SW of the country which is easily accessed from Rwanda/Kigali;
  • Cape Town, South Africa – Very popular nomad destination and Nomad Base often run an event there. You can fly from Nairobi or take the longer route of travelling south by buses or finding someone with a car who’s heading down that way;


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