Skippers House Rules

Skippers House Rules

Updated: 28/10/2023

These rules are not intended to be exhaustive. We are a community of people living together so please consider whether your actions might make other people uncomfortable or how they might affect others. Basically, don’t be a dick.


We have a biodigestor based sewage system at Skippers. This is very eco friendly but does not like anything non-organic. Please place all toilet paper and other sanitary items in the bin provided in your bathroom.


No Smoking/Vaping inside: smoking and/or vaping is NOT permitted inside any Skippers building. A $100 cleaning fee will be applied for any offences.


Quiet hours: are between 10 pm and 8 am during the week, and between 11 pm and 9 am on Fridays & Saturdays, including collateral noise from the kitchen, laundry or bathroom etc.

Please be respectful when moving around the community at night.

Please also do not play music or videos on personal devices where it might disturb other members of the community. 

Be aware that we live in the middle of a very Christian community and that Sunday services start around 8-8:30am. 


Make sure to secure all windows and doors before leaving the property. We’re all sharing a space, which means we rely on each other to keep our stuff, and our roommates, out of harm’s way. 

Always close and lock all of the doors when you come and go, and if you’re the last one out, secure the windows too. Everybody has valuables inside and it’s our collective job to keep them safe. Skippers Coliving will not be responsible for any missing item. 

Fires, Candles etc

The burning of candles, incense, sage etc. is not permitted on the property. Burning or setting material alight on the property is prohibited with the exception of charcoal in the BBQ. 


Clean up after yourself (if you use it, clean it and tidy it away)! The rooms can be cleaned on request every week.

Common areas

Wash the kitchen accessories right after you use them, storing them in the drying areas. Once dried, put them back in their place.

Take the trash out when it’s full. 

In general, tidy and clean after yourself. 

Usage of the communal spaces: Don´t leave your personal things in the common areas. It can be mistaken for being communal and be broken or misplaced.


Our coworking is for a more quiet working vibe. If you need to do regular calls please do this in your room. The occaisional standup is ok. Desks are not designated per room, you can use the one you prefer. 

However, they must be free up after each work session.


From time to time we may need access to your room. We will always endevour to contact you before we access your room but may need to do so if the manager deams the circumstances require.


We are around most of the time Monday to Saturday. 

Consequences of breaking the rules

We reserve the right to cancel any booking without refund of any guest who breaks the rules above especially those relating to fire safety and site security. 

Good rules make for a happy community!

Everybody is different, and rules for a shared space help us all live together in peace. Of course, rules can’t prevent disagreements from happening or tensions to rise from time to time, but they certainly help.

By having a basic set of coliving community rules, we are giving you the best possible chance of getting along, showing mutual respect, and most importantly having a great time together.

Skippers Coliving